kendall, 16, american. i am a ravenclaw, a whirler, a sherlockian, a district 4 victor, an amity initiate, a 'chuter, a reveur & i ship caskett with my entire being. definitely a multifandom blog and there are countless others that i didn't mention. i'd love to get to know you guys better so don't be shy and feel free to message me whenever.


life hack: make out w/ me and tell me i’m cute


sexual preference: men in expensive suits with protective instincts


I wonder if I ever caught someones attention. Even if I was just walking among the crowd, I wonder if they wanted to get to know me or anything like that.


 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men

Finally gettin back into the swing of things thx to @tommyeurope . Time to turn things up a notch #ScrawnyColtonBegone #LetsEat